Wednesday, 23 July 2008

First Ideas

I'm finding my feet in the the Landgraviate now. Fortunately, some of the more enlightened inhabitants have a smattering of education and so know a little English. It turns out that, not far away, in Castle Corvey, a library is being built to house every novel in every European language, including my own. I must find the time for a trip there.

But presently all my time is consumed with effecting the Landgraf's commands in establishing his armed forces. He seems to prefer me as equerry and military atache rather than biographer, which, confessedly, is somewhat frustrating.

Given his ambitions, his forces leave much to be desired. The Treasury is almost empty (which, I'm beginning to suspect, is a significant reason for his sudden desire for conquest) with the consequence that his army is being compiled from any and every source that comes to hand. It seems every ancient corner of Mendelstadt is being turned out to discover what oddities of the populace might be drummed into service.

Fortunately, on my advice, the Landgrave has seen fit to recruit the core of his infantry from a well reputed recruiter, though this man rather suspiciously goes under the name of Minden. (Where the resources came from for this unexpected recruitment drive, I daren't ask). I am concerned over the reason that this "Minden" rascal might need this pseudonym. Why would such a thing be? It is rumoured, furthermore, that he was a person of power within the twin states of Leder-Hosen. I intend to investigate when I have leisure to locate them upon the map.

Nevertheless the fellows he has so far supplied are a fine bunch of lads. I believe I have never come across new recruits of such polish and finesse. You should see them march! A cut above the rascals, rogues and vagabonds that inhabit the armies of Mendelstadt's neighbours.

Currently I engage myself in seeing them equipped and uniformed to the Landgraf's designs. His infantry uniforms are elegant, influenced by our Northern Prussian neighbours, if I'm not mistaken, though they employ the colours of the Mendelstadt flag, with the sky-blue of its field for their coats, and the many vibrant shades of the phoenix and its flames for their facing. I've made a note of the Landgraf's designs in my sketchbook and will endeavour periodically to publish them here.

Here is a rudimentary sketch of the noble flag of Mendelstadt:

And here the Landgraf's outline of the uniform of his 4th regiment (why he should be certain of the design of the 4th, yet leave the others unassigned, I am at a loss to explain):

I am indebted to one of the world's premier artists, the honorable David Linienblatt (at for the wherewithal to make this uniform sketch available to my excited public.

However, I have already learned how like a flibberty gibbert the Landgraf's temperament vacillates, so I would not be surprised to learn tomorrow that he has reshaped half the uniforms! And, as yet, we have no idea whence the army will find its cavalry. This fellow "Minden" seems unwilling to commit to horse, though he has sketched and promised and hinted of some fine horse-flesh, so the Landgrad is sorely tempted to await their appearance.

Elsewhere I hear of horsemen put into the mercenary marketplace by the Captain's Perry at an equitable rate (as a man of words, I rather like the idea of "equitable equistrians"), but understand these troopers' behaviour and demeanour somewhat inappropriate for such a force as Mendelstadt desires. Perhaps we will recruit a few and establish how much work will be involved in retraining and presumably requipping them for this more noble purpose. It might be simpler, however, to recruit from the Colonies fellows from the outlandish sounding "RSM" whose troopers, I understand, are both inexpensive and attractively turned out.

Meanwhile, I have been introduced to some of the nobility of Mendelstadt. These, it seems, are taking charge of the many elements of our developing army. Yesterday, for example, I met Admiral Zwitzal. I suspect he is little more than a speculative buccanneer. But this matters little, as he has neither fleet nor the promise of it. I believe the Landgraf has a plan, but as yet he has disclosed no inkling of it to my good self. How in the heavens does he expect a biographer to operate without information?


Bluebear Jeff said...

I very much like the flag and uniform. If i might suggest, please consider using the flag as your "photograph" so that it will appear with your comments (just as the blue bear flag does on mine).

To do so, just go to your "Dashboard" (i.e., click on the orange "B" button on the upper left corner of the screen) and then click "Edit Profile", scroll down to the "Photograph" section and follow directions.

Also you can make the reference to David's blog a link. When creating (or later editing) your blog, the icon between "Text Color" and "Align Left" is for creating Links.

Anyway welcome to the Eighteenth Century and the wonderful world of Imagi-National blogging.

-- Jeff

Byrhthelm said...

I LIKE this! I am a great fan of the narrative approach, and use it myself. Interestingly, your Landgrave and my Margraf seem to have chosen very similar colours and designs for the infantry uniforms. And if I may put your mind at rest, Franz von Minden is an honourable man... then again, are we not all honourable men?

Frank said...

Franz Von Minden is watching the development of this state very closely and will become an avid observer of future developments.

Pray continue to reveal the traumas and adventures of this Landgraviate, as it makes fascinating reading.

Also, welcome to the madhouse of Imagi-Nations. :-)

tradgardmastare said...

welcome on board I enjoyed what you have written so far and will follow developments...

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello Again Noel,

An impressive flag and uniform combination for starters. It's hard to go wrong with some combination of blue and orange (or yellow), Can't wait to see these colors on some figures. Have you given any thought to what brand/line of miniatures you might use for Mendelstadt?

Best Regards,


Stokes Schwartz said...

AH! Silly question! Obviously, you are using the Perry conversions. Good choice. Your conversion work and painting are first rate. Keep going!

Best Regards,


tidders said...

Nice uniform and flag. Hope you find the figs you like for your armies

-- Allan